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                Suizhou Zenghouyi Chime and Stone Chime Culture Co., Ltd. —— “a model base for cultural industries of Hubei Province”, “a productive protection base of China’s intangible cultural heritages” and “a standard setting unit for national ‘chime’ musical instruments industry standards”. Established in 1986, the Company has developed to cover an area of over 60 mu with beautiful natural environment. It has a 1500 m2 R&D and office building, a 600 m2 constant-temperature wax molding workshop, a modern 2000 m2 precision casting workshop and a 3000 m2 auxiliary production workshop and facilities, and possesses top-ranking advanced casting equipment. The company focuses on making replicas and imitations of the Eighth Wonder of the World ——chimes and stone chimes of Marquis Yi of Zeng State during the Warring States period, undertakes the making of various bronze wares, lacquers and wood artifacts and art objects as well as large interior and outdoor sculptures, and plot and direct cultural programs such as Chime choreography performances. The company has obtained 6 State trademarks for its products and 1 national invention patent and participated in setting 1 national industry standard with its works selected in China Arts and Crafts Set. With the annual productivity of over 10,000 cultural relic replicas and imitations, it sells its products to the Europe, USA, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asian countries and areas and becomes a leading demonstration company in the bronze chime, stone chime and cultural relic replicas and imitations.

          Introduction of Xiang Shaoqing 

                Xiang Shaoqing, male, Han ethnicity, born in Suizhou, Hubei Province, 58 years old, joined Suizhou Museum, Leigudun Cultural Relic Management Office. He has been engaged in studying, replicating and imitating bronze chime bells and bronze musical instruments unearthed from the tomb of Marquis Yi of State Zeng for over 30 years. He gets a full grasp on the development and making technology of ancient bronze chime bells and adequately integrates the ancient craft with modern technology to carry out over 160 craftsmanships, such as bell type design, molding, tool modification, setting, renovation, crusting, hardening, dewaxing, roasting, bronze smelting, casting, polishing, tuning and rusting. Mr. Xiang has successfully replicated and imitated a series of bronze chime bells with a dual tone, such as 65 chime bells of Marquis Yi of State Zeng, 45 chime bells of Shanxi Jin Memorial Temple, 37 chime bells of Henan Yexiang, 36 chime bells of No. 2 Tomb of Leigudun, 35 Dasheng Bells of Kaifeng during the Northern Song Dynasty, 32 Bo bells of Qingong of Shannxi Province, 32 chime bells of No. 2 Tomb of Tianxingguan of Jingzhou, 24 chime bells of Qinhuaihe of Nanjing and 13 Chu-style chime bells of Changtaiguan, Xinyang, Henan Province.
          In 2010, Mr. Xiang invested and established Suizhou Zenghouyi Chime Bell and Stone Chime Culture Co., Ltd. (originally Suizhou Zenghouyi Chime Bell and Stone Chime Craft Factory). With an area of 60 mu and 36 professional technicians, the Company is a comprehensive cultural company that integrates the four pillar industries, i.e. product development, precision casting, marketing and chime bell performances, specializes in replicating and imitating chime bells and stone chimes of Marquis Yi of State Zeng during the Warring States period which are called the Eighth Wonder of the World, and undertakes various art and craft products, such as bronze musical instruments, ritual instruments,  jade articles and lacquers and wood artifacts.
          The company’ chime bell products, on behalf of the local cultural features of Hubei Province, successively participated in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th International Cultural Industry Expo respectively held in 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2012, the 7th Central China Travel Expo held in 2014, as well as the China Yiwu International Tourism Commodities Fair held in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

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